Career Counselling

Taking into consideration the individuality of each person, their abilities and their freedom of will.Our Experts help you to choose the right career path to achieve your dreams.

Visa Guidance

We guide the students on essential prerequisites for the procedure increasing the chances of success. We take advantage of our good relationship and experience with many embassies to help students get visas in a timely manner.

Entry Exam

Our Experts help students to prepare for Entry Exams. Each University has it own admission requirement and as OAES we are happy to help you with the process.

Admission Guidance

Regardless of the college's evaluation system, students should present a well-rounded picture of their skills, experience and personal traits. At OAES we offer guidance on all processes to help you get that admission.
University Selection

Our Experts ensure that all students who apply for a specific course or programme, and meet the general and specific entry requirements are admiitted to the university of their choice.


We have partenered with many universities around the globe ath offer scholarships and our team can help you with the entire process until you get admitted.

About OAES

Opportunities Abroad Education Services is a leading education consulting company that offers excellent services to students interested in furthering their studies abroad. We have partnered with world class universities to meet your study needs abroad.

What We Do

Career Guidance and Counselling
Visa Guidance and Application
Entry Exam Guidance
Admission Guidance
University Selection
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